dreams of joy / London

My dream came true. Went all the way to London just to see Big Bang live !!! Its the second time i have seen them but i just cant get enough. I love GD to death man. He is too fucking awsome. Heard hes dating Kiko Mizuhara ? They'd make a great couple man. Anyway, yeah, fucking awsome concert ! They are better than i thought. Live i mean. And Daesung was sooo cute man. Ok stop. I could write so much about the concert right now but my blogging list is still long lol. Anyway, had a great time with my girls in London just as always. Mad love for London. Always makes me become a dreamer again. So inspiring. Ill be back soon !

The Book Club / London

best alcoholic drink EVER !

After a quick but exhausting shopping spree and a somewhat awkward dinner my girl Van Anh brought me to this lovely place. My feet were aching badly from wearing heels all day yet i was eager for a drink on my last night and i was glad i didnt give in to the pain haha. Firstly, because Van Anh introduced me to the most delicious alcoholic drink ever ! Its some kind of cider but tastes like some sprakling fruity something and its really yummy. And secondly because it actually was a really nice evening. It wasnt very crowded at that place and we just talked and drank our cider and it all felt really pleasant. I love those moments.

So if you're in London, somewhere around Old Street or Shoreditch High Street, and looking for a cute place to hang out, grab a drink or maybe something to eat, check out "The Book Club". Van Anh said it gets pretty crowded around Friday and Sat evening as well, in case you think its some random place that looks good but which noone goes to haha.