Sleek fabrics but casual style, that's my kind of style.
Photos: Phan Nhat Minh (edit by myself)

Jacket - WEEKDAY / Pants - COS / Bag - MCM Patricia (buy here) / Sneakers - Adidas NMD_R1 / Earrings - Floralpunk

I bought this whole outfit just a little over a week ago so you should still be able to get them. I came over with not too many clothes from Vietnam, a pair of jeans, two same Wephobia pants and a couple Subtle & Simple tops. I thought it would be super cold in Germany but then it was so warm in Berlin, I didn't need my coats and jackets, which took up most of my suitcase space. 

I really love these pants because the fabric is so thick and sleek, I feel rich when I wear them haha. Of course it's not the same as wearing a high quality designer product, but this is the closest I can come to that feeling. Picking clothes with great material that look expensive. Recently I've been obsessed with designer clothing (especially Australian designers) and it makes me so sad that I'm not ready (capable but not ready) to spend like 700 USD on a top or 1300 on pants. But I'm extremely eager to get there ! Only watching alone doesn't make me happy enough haha.

The NMD's I bought because I've been wanting them for a while but in Vietnam I could only look at them because they are sold out online pretty much everywhere and I didn't want to pay Vietnamese reseller prices. They are super comfortable and go pretty well with most of my outfits. Now I have the choice between three shoes in Germany. The Floralpunk White Leather Sneakers, a pair of blue Vans or the NMD's. My wardrobe is like next level reduced right now. Ok that's it for now, I'm off to Octoberfest now : D


Thuong, one of Floralpunk's greatest muses.

Floralpunk muse Thuong

Silver Hoop Earrings M / Circle Chain Necklace

Thuong Muse-23.jpg


Bazaar Earrings / Pearl Point Earrings

Friday was the day I had been waiting for for so so so long, seriously. I've been wanting this shoot with Thuong and Zera forever, like years, and finally the day had come. I love Thuong's beauty and she has always been a muse for Floralpunk. 

Back in Munich

What can I say, I grew up here. ..


The thing about hometowns is that even if you hate them and never want to live there again, you cannot really hate them. Too many memories, first loves, celebrated friendships, all those experiences and just a really big part of your life and how it shaped you, took place there. Hometowns are places to go back to when you want to reminiscence.  

My hometown is Munich, capital of Bavaria, a former southern kingdom of Germany. Home of the most famous Octoberfest and even more famous FC Bayern Munich. Munich people tend to like a posh lifestyle, because it's a posh city. I just never felt like I belonged. All those Woolrich jackets in Winter and visible Tiffany's Necklaces in summer. 


My mom still lives here and she's living a good life but after 8pm it gets so lame, you never really want to go anywhere. I don't want to go to bars and talk to opinionated people who think Munich is better than Berlin. I don't want to get drunk on wine and champaign and act all fancy and sophisticated. It's simply not my thing. But what I do love about Munich, it's so clean and pretty and it makes you feel safe. We have amazing and beautiful architecture, the most amazing summers with the best beer by the Isar or in the English Garden, and in winter we have Christmas markets and all around the year there is a reason to get drunk.

That's my hometown pretty much and I'm glad to be back but I also can't wait to be back in Berlin.