A dream of a Suede Leather Jacket

photos by Sonya Hong

Jacket, Shoes, Accessories - Floralpunk / Pants - Wephobia / Hat - Zara

Starting my fashion thing as somebody interested in Punk and Visual Key, an oversized leather jacket has always been part of my repertoire. So when I saw this suede (!!!) one at the Korean market, I felt like I HAD TO stock it for Floralpunk (and get one for myself). Ten years later I wouldn't wear it with some weird ripped jeans (not even nice ones lol) and Doc Martens boots anymore though. My biggest style inspiration in my early teenager years was Nana (not Hachiko) from the manga Nana. Loved everything about her to bits. Anyone else who has read that manga ? If not it's still totally recommended ! 


shot by Sonya Hong

Julia Doan Vietnamese Fashion Blogger Saigon-4.jpg

Clothes - Floralpunk / Hat - Zara / Bag - Gucci / Accessories - Floralpunk

I was clearing out my memory cards and found that I still had a bunch of outfit photos from Seoul that I haven't posted before so I'll post them step by step. I've always been a rather bad outfit blogger because on most days I'm lazy and don't even apply make up, and then on some days I do dress up and have nobody to take my photos, so I'm a little lacking in that field. Anyway, I really love this top, because I feel like it gives an outfit a nice detail.


photos by me
Quynh (@quynhhlnguyen) as model

< 情人节快乐 >

Everyone happy in love yet ? Let me tell you one thing about love that I know. Love is everything but easy. And self-help books sometimes actually help. I don't want to talk about my relationship right now (or do I?) because it gives people opportunity to bash me and I'm just not in the mood for that because I still have so much work to worry about, but in case anybody cares about me enough to leave me this one after months of crying and being sad: I'm happy now. And still with the same guy. And nothing is ever how I expect them to be but as already said, love ain't easy. You feel me on this one, don't cha. Anyway, whoever is happily single right now, I'd go and get a big pizza and eat it all by myself without having to worry about the last piece while watching some good anime. Cheeeers <3