You're not dead...

Frank Ocean touring Europe and Canada. First stop: Munich. Iam so gonna be there. He is one of my favourite artists at the moment and songs like "Thinking about you" soothed the pain a little when i was real lovesick two years ago. There are really very few artists of whom i like each and every track. Frank Ocean is one of them. Munich will be the only stop in Germany (iam so glad), so you might want to get your tickets right away kids ! I will be going with my friends. Who wanna join ? 



dreams of joy / London

My dream came true. Went all the way to London just to see Big Bang live !!! Its the second time i have seen them but i just cant get enough. I love GD to death man. He is too fucking awsome. Heard hes dating Kiko Mizuhara ? They'd make a great couple man. Anyway, yeah, fucking awsome concert ! They are better than i thought. Live i mean. And Daesung was sooo cute man. Ok stop. I could write so much about the concert right now but my blogging list is still long lol. Anyway, had a great time with my girls in London just as always. Mad love for London. Always makes me become a dreamer again. So inspiring. Ill be back soon !

spring awakening.

I havnt had so many free days in a week for weeks ! My sleeping pattern is almost back to normal, i try to go to bed before 3am and wake up before 3pm. When i woke up yesterday i felt good instantly. The sun was shining so brightly, the nice smell of my freshly changed bed sheets and 'Blue' by Big Bang. I usually never manage to stay in bed for long after waking up because i tend to sleep too long, to be late and to have to rush.
Not yesterday, one of my best days in a while ! Staying in bed, looking at the sky, listening to my favourite songs, not having to worry about going to work or any other schedules.

I met my friend Madox for breakfast, lunch, dinner (it was all-in-one because it was SO much) when i actually didnt want to eat (diet my ass). We went to an organic restaurant he introduced me to, and it is super lovely !
Its been a while since i have been to a restaurant in which everything is lvl: awsome haha. Nice interior, perfect menu (with a perfect balance of light and heavy food, and not too much), great service (being a waitress myself i have to say, that waiter is bomb ! had to give him 13% tip cos i felt like 10% is not enough !!) and last but not least : absolutely delicious food ! I couldnt make up my mind, filled ravioli or steak sandwich. HARD DECISION ! Im the worst when it comes to ordering food, always manage to NOT be able to make up my mind. The super nice waiter helped me. I asked him what kind of bread they use for the sandwich and he showed me this beautiful parisienne which looked so crispy and yummy !! Ravioli, u no crispy, so bye ! Steak sandwich it is ! Not very cheap at 17€ but SO worth it !!! Crispy bread, some real gorgeous mustard sauce, perfectly cooked steak, sliced (!!!), cucumber, tomatoes, rocket and marinated slightly-sweet onion. Heaven. Even if you dont want to eat there, go and buy their bread, its so good, seriously ! Madox had eggs and roastbeef sandwhich, also nice but mine was better !
Daylesford has definitely become one of my new favourite spots in town (its so central, very close to Marienplatz and Crux club !), and i have to check it out again for sure. Some ravioli waiting for me !
Munich kids, give it a try ! Its organic man ! haha.

Daylesford / organic cafe and kitchen
Ledererstraße 3
80331 München

Im sorry, im actually not in the mood to blog or write right now, my right ear is numb and i still feel shit from last nights Justice concert ! It was so crowded, i thought i was gonna die. Everyone was mashin and everyone was much taller than me and my girl Yi, but the music was pretty good. They played D.A.N.C.E. and We are your friends even twice to satisfy the crowd. Concert ended at 12 already (started at 10pm?) and i felt sick and just wanted to go home. I drank vodka/redbull and beer at the same time, real fast. No good for shit.

I still feel sick. Btw, i dyed my hair. Btw i got two new ear piercings. Btw i still feel sick haha. And i dont think i will ever go see Justice live again. Its too big and not worth the money. Their set lasted only a good 2 hours and i had to pay 30€ for it, wtf ? Btw isnt my iPhone 4s camera fucking amazing ?! iPhone fan all the way now !! Too good to be true !