Am I getting tired of fashion blogging ?

When did it become so annoying. Blogging. Sometimes I hate the fact that I run a fashion blog. Always the need to take perfect photos. Not perfect, but up to the quality standards of the big fashion bloggers. With oly amateurs around me it's close to impossible. There are maybe two or three photos of me that I like, which were taken by others. I hate getting outfit photos taken. They never ever ever turn out the way I want them to look like. And with Lightroom and the VSCO film packs there are billions of editing possibilities and I can never decide on how I want my photos to look like. Do I want them to be clean and clear, or with a touch of vintage... With a blue shade or a yellow shade. Rather rich in contrast or more faded ? I can never decide up to a point at which I get really annoyed by photo editing. And fashion blogging. With photos, that are not the way I want them to be, and with not very good writing skills to at least write something interesting about my outfit, it's is some big pain in the ass. It's no fun right now, really. Ever since I decided to become a better fashion blogger, it's started to trouble me. I constantly need to think how I can do things better, how can I make more people come to visit the blog, how can I improve online marketing strategies, how can I contact pr agencies and make friends with other bloggers to get closer to the fashion scene.... When all I really want is just to run a blog that is so much me, that people start to grow fond of me and just like the blog by themselves. I hate the fact that I have to put in so much effort. 

My most recent entry too me more than two hours and cost me all my nerves. I felt so stressed after having finished it. Now I think, I could have laid in bed and spent the time reading all relaxed instead.