So wrong.

I have put a lot of money and effort into my shop by now. I could have bought a Chanel bag instead, and it would have brought me less trouble. You face a lot of difficulties and disappointment when you decide to have a shop. I have noone to help me, and just my own money to rely on. And everyday iam afraid of failing. I read success stories and I want to make it just as far, but it's hard. And I need to work harder. I know I need to do more for my shop. But at the same time I feel like it's not good enough yet, to have bloggers promote for me, or to promote it big with a lot of money, you know. My stocks run out all the time, because I only have small quantities of the items. And another big problem is, I must fucking stop using my incoming money. Iam supposed to use that money to re-invest. Instead I take it and buy a new shirt. I really hate myself for it at times. Iam sure it will stop once my lash extension business is going better, because I will have a second income. But until my lash extension thing is solid, I have to just save money. Instead of spending Floralpunk money.