xanga memories.

Everytime i check out my previous again i feel so amazed by all the pictures and memories i have captured. I want to go back instantly and enjoy all these moments again knowing that it is impossible. I have no idea why i suddenly stopped blogging on xanga and started a new blog, this one. I really have no no no idea. I remember that i wanted to tag all my posts so i could find specific posts easier but there are too many and i couldnt be bothered so i guess thats why i started a new one. In case you havnt noticed, i have all these tags, because if i want to see my travel posts i just need to click on travel and dont need to go through all the other content as well. I blog more for my own sake than for anyones sake but now i do want to tell you, check out my old xanga if you dont know it haha. I gladly share all these memories with you !

Start here, and then go back by clicking "older" at the end of the post. Do waste your time if you have time to waste, there is lots to see haha.