with Christ and Thi Hue on Friday

Mangostin and mold in the underground.

favourite earrings recently

work outfit Saturday

best glass noodle salad ever at Man Fat ! (where i work lol)

new in !

Just a few impressions from the past days. Im not in the mood to tell much because iam actually pissed by the quality of the pictures. Sometimes iam really glad that i have an iphone 4s but whenever i want to blog i hate hate hate the picture quality SO much. Its about time i get a new camera, for real ! I want the Fuji x100 so badly. A friend of mine has it and its really really nice ! And iam still expecting a Canon DSLR from Vietnam. A guy from Australia sent it to me after my Nex-3 got robbed in Saigon and i stillll dont have it, and its been two months or so !!! I havnt thanked him properly yet, because i still dont have the camera. So annoying. So so so annoying.

One thing that cheers me up: Iam going to Madrid on Thursday ! I feel like my blogging is nothing without my travel posts and photography. I love it myself so much haha, i cant wait to experience the Spanish capital ! And maybe fresh up my poor Spanish. The reason is that my best friend Yi has family over there and is there right now herself, so i kind of go visit her. I have never been to Madrid, very excited ! So iam working non-stop like a mofo. Iam tired of it already but you gotta do what you gotta do : )