photography : me.

A few pictures i took of my best girl Yi last night. It was asbolutely spontanous but i love the result. As some of you might know, my photo editing skills are miserable. I dont know how to use photoshop or anything. I usually use photoscape and am so proud of myself for getting rid of the ugly yellow shades i had in the pictures before. Doesnt she look pretty : )

Anyway, ehem, i feel a bit guilty for not replying your comments, as lovely as they are ! Iam really proud to have such amazing readers who support and appreciate me, it almost makes me feel bad because i rarely show my appreciation since i cant even manage to reply back. SORRY SERIOUSLY D: I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS  Happy Valentines Day btw ! 

What i did today: i slept in till late late afternoon and was super late for work. I was supposed to start working at 5.30pm and i woke up at 5:26pm ? Awsome, no ? Anyway, on my way to work i realized it was Valentines Day. And that i work at a restaurant. And that probably a lot of couples will come to eat today. That kinda put me into a happy mood. On special occasions i put even more effort into work than i usually already do. I want all the guests to be super happy and content when they leave the restaurant. But today. I failed. I was really hectic and my thoughts unorganized. I was really disappointed with myself : ( My girl Yi, who works with me as well, managed to help me a lot though and we finished off all tables without doing any major mistakes and complaints. It paid off, we got a lot of tip ! Iam saving for a lot of trips right now, you remember ?? : D 

BTW IAM GERMAN CITIZEN NOW ! The ones having me in facebook, following me on twitter or instagram (new!!! acc name : fubtch), might know already. Me, German = unlimited travelling ! Look forward to more travel impressions from me soon ! I cant wait to spend my money on the next trip, which is supposed to be Seoul right now, but you never know ; )