new/old addiction

I seriously have to share this with you guys ! I dont know how many of my people like to watch korean drama but if you do and dont know these ones, check them out !!! They are all brand new, still airing and hot as fuck ! I have been addicted for a good four days. I watched both drama in four days on every opportunity ! And as they are still airing iam suffering big time right now waiting for the next episodes. Seriously, believe me, they are so good ! You won't be disappointed ! Iam not easy to be pleased so if i say its good i tell you its good !!! haha. In case you want to know where to watch them, i either watch drama on mysoju, dramacrazy or ionair !

Iam proudly and happily introducing : 


A bunch of super cute and hot guys in a band struggling with (korean drama kind of) daily life. The guys are seriously eye candy. So super cute. Even though they are all new to acting they did a great job ! WATCH IT ! And if you care for serious plot summary.... google it. As for me, i enjoy the parts in which there is no action at all the most. When the guys just hang out and fool around, i absolutely love watching them. 
Next, my absolute favourite right now :


I usually don't watch those kind of drama, forgot what they are called, u know the ones with the kings and princesses back then, but i was bored and felt like watching a drama so i went on mysoju and found this one at the top of the most popular dramas of the week so i decided to give it a try. Figures usually speak for themselves. I WOULD HAVE REGRETTED FOR LIFE if i hadnt started watching it !!! Ok iam exaggerating, but what iam trying to say is, it is SO SO good. At the beginning, which doesnt have anything to do with the main plot, i was like... wtf. But then, after the a bit lame intro, the real shit starts and i couldnt turn my computer off anymore !!! I watched it thtough the night till i seriously couldnt keep myself on the chair anymore cos i was so tired. I slept couple hours, went to work, counted the hours till i could go home and continued watching once home, and then watched until dawn again. Each episode is about an hour. I watched  it all in about two days. And now iam dying to know whats gonna happen next. I suggested it to all my girls and everyone loves it so far ! Please do give it a try, its awsome ! Also a lot of cute guys, so just watch it !!!

I had to do this entry before i go take a shower, then watch Shut up flower boy band episode 5 and then go to sleep. Btw its 7am in the morning. Yes, and i do stay awake for one more hour just to watch the new episode ! I spent $ hours changing my layout and creating those two new posts. I dont know why iam always so slow when it comes to blogging. Iam so easily being distracted by going through tumblr, facebook, other blogs etc. Its frustrating, really when one blogentry takes you an hour.