OHMYFUCKINGGOD I HATE MYSLE F SO MUCH RIGHT NOW I CANT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST DID. This feeling is worse than any 'my computer crashed and I couldn't save that super genious blogentry I was writing'. This is more like, I accidentally just burned 500€. Iam so sad. You can't believe how sad iam. I accidentally clicked the delete page button. And the confirmation button. WHY. WHYWHYWHY. WHY did I do that. Why didn't I even realize that delete doesn't just mean delete this html code. But every html code on that fucking page. In fact the whole page.  Ohmygod I spend 5 days on it. Working on it day and night. Every fucking free single minute. Even after I turned my macbook off I kept thinking about what could be improved. Is seriously put in so much effort and now I have to start from scratch. It's such a bothersome and annoying bit of work, I can't believe I have to do everything again. This pain iam feeling inside of me right now is worse than being dumped the most handsome guy. I feel so downnn. I was almost finished. Like super finished. Ready for super official launching. FML.


You can't imagine how devastated I feel right now. All this was almost finished ! It looks like it's nothing, but so many steps are involved to make a simple picture become a product that can be sold. Sighhhhh...... Maybe this is god's sign to look for a different host for my online shop. Because the payment options from Squarespace can't be used in Europe and I had to add Paypal manually. That really was a pain in the ass. Took me so long to add a button to each an every product. But I was almost done nontheless....

P.S. Working on it again. I decided to give Shopify a go, even though it is a lot more expensive, but the payment and shipping options are set up way more easily. The template editor sucks though.