london / memories

Hellooo dear readers !
Lazy as iam it took me almost a month to finish this video.
I just put together a few impressions from my last trips to London.
I hope ill make it there again soon !
Nov 18th is planned for now !
And on Nov 10th to 13th ill be in Berlin.

My ankle is still kinda fucked and i laid in bed for a good 4 days, doing nothing but watching japanese movies and big bang videos most of the time. I turned into a hardcore fangirl, can you believe it ! I watched almost every single interview and perdormance from this year. Im actually digging everyone from Big Bang, but when it comes to looks definitely T.O.P. and G Dragon lol. Oh god i want to see them live : ( No, better, i want them to perform for me ahahaha. Wishthinking much. Anyway, due to my ankle injury i couldnt work, so i dont have much money right now which sucks considering that i go to Berlin next week already. Went to work again for the first time today. No good idea. My ankle hurts as fuck right now.