more about my ankle - lol.

lol i sticked salonpas on it but it is peeling off already, but doesnt my ankle look absolutely stupid ? its blue, green and yellow around the ankle on my leg and foot, ankle itself is so swollen, not only on this side but on the other side as well, but cant take proper pictures cos i dont have my camera (lent it to a friend). imma go see the doctor tomorrow (after one week lool) and i hope he can help me so i can go to work properly again soon ! 

wow im so extremely lazy when it comes to getting dressed recently. i always go for extremely comfortable casual. means sneakers, pants, shirt, jacket. dude im even too lazy to wear my boots. AYO  ~ !

lately i havnt been anywhere except for work and club. but clubbing is dead to me now because of my injury and because i need to save money. so that leaves only work. i go to work and then i go home. what a boring life. but i need the money !!! before the end of this year i wanna go to Berlin, London and Paris, meet my friends. because i might leave for Singapore next year and wont see them again so very soon.