Whose retarded looking foot and ankle is this u might wonder. Well its mine. And my ankle is swollen. I cant walk properly ever since thursday night. Reason ? I kinda fell down the stairs when i was drunk and sprained my ankle. Dude i was so drunk i didnt even realize the pain at first. But when i started to feel the pain i finally went home and my mom woke up and i cried like a baby haha. So she put salonpas stuffs on my ankle and went back to sleep. And me, i ate shitloads, slept for one hour and then my movie/drama/series marathon began. I have watched so many movies in the past 2 days, i cant believe i stayed in my bed for so long. But what can i do... i cant walk. Which also means that i cant work and that i cant go to the Chase and Status concert tonight, which i have tickets for. Wasted 25euro, fuck. Whatever.

watching movies non-stop. what a sad life.