BIG BANG lover du jour

THE BOYS DID IT !! Whoever has been following me on my tumblr or twitter knows i have been a hardcore Big Bang fan recently and my love and votes have paid off just like the ones from my fellow fans. Im so proud of them to be the first ones ever to win in the category of worldwide act over BRITNEY SPEARS ! Who would have thought ?

I was tweeting non-stop during the EMAs, would have never watched it if Big Bang hadnt been nominated ! THEY WON IM SO HAPPY FOR REAL ! I jumped and screamed when they announced Big Bang as winners ! THEY DESERVE IT COS THEY ARE AWSOME ! And how cool are their outfits ?! I wish they would gain more recognition internationally !

I dont know why but i really really wanted to watch this show and i was supposed to work today. But then for the whole evening there was nothing up at the restaurant and i was allowed to leave earlier to watch the show. That usually NEVER happens cos seriously.. Sunday evening... Thats when the restaurant usually is REALLY crowded. As if god made me being able to watch the show by keeping away guests haha. I even drove home with a cab to not miss too much of the show, considering that i earned only 20 € today and spent 13€ on cab ride... pretty stupid, but whatever haha.