Big Bang hype !

URGHHHH. I HATE HATERS ! (even though iam one myself most of the time lol)
cant stand people hating big bang because all asians love them which makes people feel obliged to hate them. HOW STUPID IS THAT ? 
ok most of the hardcore fans are asian or weird hardcore asia fans who are pretty obsessive and weird sometimes, but thats no reason to hate BIGBANG who are AWSOME ! 
i admit i used to hate lady gaga. because of her fans lol. now i truly respect her as a great artist, end of story. 
because i love big bang, too, i feel personally insulted by people saying that they hate big bang, with no obvious reason. if you dont like the music, dont listen to it, if you dont like their looks, dont look at them. hater comments are counterproductive.