inspiration / reflection

say hello to my old sketchbook. 
oh i loveeee muji and their paper quality ! 
also love their pens ! so thin ! 

As i already mentioned, after having watched that japanese movie i felt deeply inspired again ! And eager to do something ! I love it how japanese people are always so keen about what they do and really really really focus on it ! I wish i had that ambition. I dont really know what i want to do... i know i want to create something... but what ? I love my photography. I love evrything i do. Even the stuff i write on my tumblr. But its nothing that actually brings me further in life. I love the things i do but i aint really proud of what i do.

Anyway, i got all my old stuff out, when i was still young and determined, still creative and productive... until around 2009. Or 2010 ? When i started going out too much. Alcohol and nightlife is really unproductive.... Back then i still had an opinion on things. Now everything is good and bad to me. I dont know what i want.

Anyway, here some secrets from my sketch book. I havnt posted most of them online yet. Most of the drawings were made at school and between 2009 and 2010 i guess. Actually i have much more of them, i just dont know where they all are.

How do you like my sketches ? Me personally... I love them hahahaha. OF COURSE I DO. i love everything i do : P Ok i know there are kids out there much better at drawing and everything but.... oh well. There will always be people who are better than you. Anyway. Iam determined to be more productive from now on !!! And try to use the time i have wiser ! >: (    *determinedface*

BTW. each of these pictures has a story. pretty much. but cant be bothered to tell each single one right now. the thing is, i never draw just like that. something has to happen to make me want to create something,, bring something down to paper. yup yup. bottom left is what i did jjust now. its ideas for moving images. a short film.