movie time !

I was bored just now so i started watching this japanese movie. Actually i wanted to watch an english movie but i dont know any websites for movies so i checked mysoju. I really really love japanese movies, especially high school movies. After watching them you always feel like you  can achieve everything in life if you work hard. And that life can be shit but is good at the same time. I think japanese movies are more realistic than korean ones, and thats what i love about them. The actors are uglier, not as pretty and handsome as korean actors but i like the way japanese people film. Somehow very realistic. Anyway, since its on the top movie list and a pretty new movie i decided to watch it. And to my surprise... the way its filmed, it doesnt look much different from a movie from 2007 for example. Just finished part one of eight, will write down some thoughts about it here so i dont have to spam my facebook plus i can blog about it right away !

Thoughts : main actress/actor.... rather ugly. whats with her hair ??? so out of date. / hey pretty cool. / whats with the main actors mouth and this looking cute thing ? disgusting. / i miss school. and first day of school after vacations. looking the best i could haha / japanese phones too cute !! / whoaaa transformation of the nerd !!! ok fuck he looks shit ahahahahahhahahahahaha / this teen idol girl sucks. ugly bitch / the designs are... not so much my cup of tea.. / wow teen idol girl ugly already but others even.... uglier.... / school festival !! so cute. i hated my school. never did anything with my schoolmates... lol / 'no class' hahahaha. 'pretend you are walking on stilts' guys really walk like on stilts ahahahha / cuuuuteeeee. i wanna create something toooo : ( / CUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEE oh god i wanna be young again, and do something great ! / i wanna fall in love too. innocent love. so cute / so cuute how shy the nerd is hahaha / the knock off dress is fucking ugly. thousands of such dresses exist already. bulllllshit. / main actor looks disgusting when he cries. but its still sad lol / fuuuck teen idol girl is sooooo skinnyyyyyyy ! jealous much ! / oh come on whats with this skirt / awww his daddy made a shirt for him in like 10 seks ! / he looks gay. unsexy much./ hahahahahahahha shes the daughter of a legendary flirter ! (girl to other girls mom.) (other girls dad) no no no ! /sakuraaaaa treeeee ! cute cute cute / actually teen idol quite cute / his smile is sooooo gay / japanese ppl are so cute haha / there we go ! the lesson ! everyone can achieve sth as long as u believe yo ! / LOVE ITTTT. action time ! oh god so nice : ( / NIIIIICEEEEEEEEEEE / actually the designs arnt bad : ) why aint i skinnyyyy i could wear everything :' ( / some of the clothes are really nice ! / reallyyy nice / japanese fashion shows always look like so much fun haha / the nerd is actually cute hahaha / main actress actually cute face ! only the hair were shit ! / wedding dress.... hmmmm..... i dont like the cloud hair / the end.

Close to the end of the movie i got all my old sketches / creations / drawings out. Had a quick vision in my head. I want to realize something. Create something. I always feel like this after watching japanese high school movie haha. Iam very inspired right now. This movie is gorgeous. Worth watching !