on my mind.

Had a free day today so i went to Octoberfest with two of my girls ! 
 instagram picture ! Took so many, will show sooon ! I love instagram : D

I WANT TO GO SHOPPING ! Oh god there are so many things i want right now.
I need new shoes (airmaxxxxxxxx), i want new boots, new coat (there is one fucking lovely one from Zara i want so badly !), new parka (in military green!), accessories (new watch, earrings, rings), new pants, so many things i want : (

I work and make kinda much money but i spend so much when clubbing. I want to travel. Wanderlust ! And buy new things. And eat good food. I cant wait for octoberfest to be over !! Never thought i would say that but if you work in gastronomy, Octoberfest is some kind of daily death sentence ! Even worse right now since the weather is so good. Everyone heads for octoberfest (me as well on free days hah), and spends all their money there (me too!!!). I have to go look for a new job on friday.... A restaurant i can work at daily !

My mom offered to buy me the new blackberry bold 9900 if i look after her shop for a month. A months wage for me is about..... 1300 to 1600 euro a month since i only work three or four times a week, sometimes half the day, sometimes for the whole day. If i worked daily, full time i could easily make 3000 euro. STILL. A month looking after my moms shop and the new blackberry which is 600 euro here and around 500 euro in Vietnam is a loss for me...... And there is so many things i want !! I dont know what to do.... Looking after her shop is actually no problem. But winter is coming closer !!! Which means, lets say i look after her shop from mid october till mid novermber. After that i only have one months time to work at a restaurant, earn a bit money and then have to spend it all on christmas presents again without being able to buy any of the things I want...... And i have so many plans... Life is so unfair. My brother receives so much money without doing anything. Whereas iam left with all these stupid sorrows, whether i have enough money for this.... or that..... I really dont mind working, i love working, i could not imagine idling my life away not working but.... i cant deny that it is exhausting. And that things would be easier for me if my mom still gave me the 20 euro pocket money haha..... Oh whatever iam a big girl now. Gotta work and not complain. Gotta be a MONEYMAKERRRRR.

Things i want to do right now :

- go to Berlin ! / Paris !
- apply for US visa. (and New York in december would be awsome if i were to receive US visa)
- shopping (all the things mentioned and more ! i dont even have a fucking laptop and i need a new camera)
- chinese lessons (applied already, paid, all my money is gone again....