Vivi Nov 12

Vivi magazine was like one of the first japanese magazines i ever read, but when my mom first bought it for me from the states when i was 13, the whole Vivi style was still too old for me. It was a tad too mature and everything. I was 13 and felt like the style depicted and shown in that magazine was more for university students and girls 20 and above. And 20 was a really really big number to me back then, i couldnt imagine being twenty. Ever. And now ? Iam twenty now. And Vivi magazine is my most favourite magazine haha! I love that it got edgier and cooler, and it fits my taste just perfectlyyyyyy. And i love the models and everything else as well. I wish i could buy it monthly but i just cant. So i keep being a bad girl and download it from random websites, instead of supporting my fav magazine by buying it. Which i did when i was in Hong Kong and Taipei but yeah, what can i do, im in Germany. Anyway, here some scans from the November issue. Shopping in Japan must be so fucking heavenly, i need to save money and go there asapp !!!


  Didn't like it at all at first but now finding it absolutely dope ! Get ya crayon ! The MV is sick as well.

FAVOURITE SONG FROM THE NEW ALBUM ! Forever repeat, i swear.

The new album is sooo good, i love each and every song. G-Dragon, never disappointing me, really. Sighhh i cant wait to see him and Big Bang live on stage in Europe ! I adore him so much, but not in a crazy fangirl way in which i dream of being his girlfriend, but in an artistic inspired way. He simply is a genius. Whatever he does, it find it awesome. Gosh. He's my idol. Haha. Big Bang girl forever. No other artists get me that excited. 



Today, with my hair tucked in my coat i suddenly felt the strong urge to just cut them off. I dont think short hair would suit me because my face is very chubby right now but one day i will be skinny. And once iam skinny i want the exact same hairstyle like the girl on the left ! It looks so freaking amazing and perfect ! I would dye them blond too ! Always have wanted to have blond hair ! Oh man.. hairgasm to the max. 

I dont know what, but something inside of me cried for change today, so i rearranged my room ! Properly this time, im pretty satisfied with the result, will post pictures tomorrow !