Vivi Nov 12

Vivi magazine was like one of the first japanese magazines i ever read, but when my mom first bought it for me from the states when i was 13, the whole Vivi style was still too old for me. It was a tad too mature and everything. I was 13 and felt like the style depicted and shown in that magazine was more for university students and girls 20 and above. And 20 was a really really big number to me back then, i couldnt imagine being twenty. Ever. And now ? Iam twenty now. And Vivi magazine is my most favourite magazine haha! I love that it got edgier and cooler, and it fits my taste just perfectlyyyyyy. And i love the models and everything else as well. I wish i could buy it monthly but i just cant. So i keep being a bad girl and download it from random websites, instead of supporting my fav magazine by buying it. Which i did when i was in Hong Kong and Taipei but yeah, what can i do, im in Germany. Anyway, here some scans from the November issue. Shopping in Japan must be so fucking heavenly, i need to save money and go there asapp !!!