Floralpunk and currently

Floralpunk is my baby. It's a project for life. If I can't create, I want to be able to share what I love. I can't make fashion, but i can add style. It doesn't stop at selling accessories. I want Floralpunk to become a spot people turn to if they look for cool stuffs. A present for your friend, a present for your beloved, a present for yourself.

It's a shop, but I can combine so many of my interests with it. Photography, fashion, style, beauty and I can involve people. Work with people I adore and make them visualize my ideas, which I couldn't by myself.

Right now it's not easy, because I don't have much money. I put all my money into Floralpunk and need to reinvest all the earnings. Plus iam a money-wasting machine, I spend money so easily, it's really hard for me to actually keep it and save. That's why iam pretty broke. If you have a big budget, everything is so much easier. If you have a really low and tight budget, you must do everything step by step. Like me. I don't have much money, that's why I can't afford someone to create a website for me. That's why I have to do it by myself, and my skills are limited, so it takes reaaaally long. I don't have enough money to buy big quantities of each product, so I have to buy bit by bit. My stocks sell out quickly, customers have to wait until I get products back in stock and that's not really professional. But what can I do. Iam poor and am trying to set up a business. My start capital was 1000€. I couldn't make any profit yet. Not really. Plus I hate myself for sometimes spending Floralpunk money on shits like Korean make-up. Please don't scold me : ( I know, if you do business, leave the business money in the business and don't use it for your private matters. But iam so poor as iam not working anymore to work on Floralpunk. The problem is, if I continue working as waitress, Floralpunk will make process even slowlier. Right now I invest so much of my time into work for Floralpunk, even though iam not making profit with it yet. But I still need to do that work, you know. 

And besides Floralpunk, Iam a blogger, need to find an appartment in Berlin, have to babysit my little sister, who really does need a lot of attention, plus i just learned how to do lash extensions, to be able to make some extra money. Adding time with friends and boyfriend, and fulfilling tasks for my mom like visits to authorities and shit, my days are pretty busy. Iam not really making any big money right now and that's really bothering me because iam not used to it, but i just have to stay strong and do what I have to do. I hope it will pay off one day.

To all Munich girls reading my blog, i just started with doing eyelash extensions and still need 'models' for practising. 50€ and you will get beautiful lashes, i promise ! Iam not bad at it, even though i hate the work. It's really exhausting. More about it in my next post i guess. It's quite interesting what you can make money with in Germany. So if you wan't eyelash extensions, contact me !