update on life

Hey kids, i just changed the layout of the blog a little and iam super satisfied. I like it when it looks clean and there is more white background than anything haha. Don't ask me why, I have liked it this way since forever. Even though i love rich layouts like xia xue's as well, i don't think it suits my personality. I can never decide how and who i want to be, so i like the white space i can fill however i like, depending on my mood and current interests. If I decided to make a pink layout now and look at the cool minimalistic blogs i would want to change my theme again right away. Iam as fickle as that. Anyway, it has only been a week since i left Berlin but it feels like ages. Will be back on Friday. I got a lottt of shit done this week and iam proud of myself. I even made a little profit from the shop. Not enough to cover the costs i spent yet, but i guess i need to be patient. A virtue i lack. 5:25am, time to sleep. Spent fours hours applying for unis and watching youtube videos of "The Voice Kids Vietnam" (FML) and then suddenly started editing my blog layout. Glad i did. All images on my website have the same size now. Very very happy about that. Frank Ocean concert tomorrow night ! Maybe see you there, cheerioh x