back in Munich

I spent the whole last week in Berlin and feel somewhat glad to be home in my own bed, showering in my own bathroom, getting drinks from my own fridge. Its not that I prefer Munich over Berlin, the thing is that i don't have a home in Berlin yet. I've been staying at my boyfriend's and i feel comfortable around there but it's not my home after all. Iam still about to find one. Until then, my home is in Munich. I secretly wish i could just keep this room and buy new furniture in Berlin, so that i can always come back to this room and get the same feeling of coziness and security from it. But i can't. My mom wants this room, cos its bigger than hers, and i don't have the money to buy new furniture anyway. Btw most of the furniture in my room now was bought by myself already. Would be a waste.

There is a flea-market in Munich tomorrow and i'll be selling some of my stuff there. If you want to buy some of my old clothes or just drop by to say hello, come to "Feierwerk" tomorrow ( U/S-Bahn Heimeranplatz). It starts at 5pm, so no need to get up early hehe. I want to get rid of as much as possible before i move. 

I got new stocks while i was in Berlin and some of the products are really cool. Others aren't. I don't have fixed wholesalers yet so iam still trying to find good products with a high chance of failure. That's how it goes.