the shop

Ok i have been trying to work out a proper concept for my Floralpunk shop for months now. Has it really already been that long : / ? Anyway, i tried things, i bought things, i threw ideas away, i created new concepts, i made plans, all that kind of stuff you know. I tried selling clothes. It didnt work. Why ? They were too expensive. And too casual to be that expensive. My mom set the prices tbh. And who gives a shit about quality nowadays right ? Iam not even a clothes person myself, so how could i possibly sell clothes. The bags sold well though. Iam a bag person. And accessory person. Not so much for bracelets but i love necklaces and earrings. So i thought, why not sell things i love myself in the first place ? Iam really not a clothes person man. So i have been browsing, and looking, and ordering, samples, necklaces, shoes, bags, necklaces and necklaces. I cant wait to receive the goods i ordered from the factories, and will only sell them if iam satisfied with the quality myself. Im sorry but i hate low quality shit. I just feel too old to wear something that feels cheap. I love cheap stuff but i hate it when they feel like it as well. You know what i mean ? So for all my dear blog readers, here an exclusive preview on whats hopefully gonna be in the shop soon ! I hope you like what you see. I do. If you dont, im fucked. I worked so hard to invest my money in this idea. I better find people who buy what i sell haha. I sound carefree but its damn fucking serious to me D: Here we go: