Slow Down

Reality just hit me hard. I cannot continue handling Floralpunk the way I've done the past few weeks. Floralpunk is taking over my life, and all it was supposed to be was a shop, additionally to my blog, selling stuffs that I like, and wanted to share with you. Greed has made it turn into something it is now: a soul-eating moneymaker. Just that it doesn't make that much money, but it does eat up my soul. Or whyelse would I lie wide awake at 5am in the morning thinking about whatelse I could do to improve. Improve is good, no doubt, but I shouldn't focus on my shop too much while I actually still have so many other things to do. I should let it go back to what it is supposed to be: something additional to my blog, to myself. Not let it rule over my life, leaving me with a feeling of desperation. I wanted something small and special, not in the focus though. What I should focus on are my studies, enjoying life and actually going out and having fun. You know, I havn't been doing anything fun-related, besides London, ever since I moved to Berlin. That's almost two months. All I did was work, work work and worry. Iam tired of worrying. I also want to put a bigger emphasize on my work as lash stylist. It's also bringing in money, but gives me way less headache. 

I know exactly where I want Floralpunk to be in five years from now. My dream is to make Floralpunk a boutique selling selected goods of good quality and without horrid prices. Something like Opening Ceremony, just less expensive. If I can open up a shop, I want a concept store. I want beauty to mingle with fashion. I want a nail salon and some space for lash extensions and beauty stuffs, and fashion, all in one. Like and other stories. Just smaller. I don't even want the big audience. I want something small I can live off and be proud off. Something that looks nice, is nice, makes and sells nice things affordable to basically everyone. That's Floralpunk in five years. But for now, it's supposed to be nothing but a small thing Iam doing besides uni and blogging. I know if I don't give up on Floralpunk, it will get there. But I shouldn't put myself under so much pressure, to make it the next within the next 5 years. Slowly. Slowly. Even if it takes me ten years, one day Floralpunk will be a nice corner for girls to get cool selected items from. That's my dream. The one iam working on. Reality is, if I put all my energy into Floralpunk now, I will neglect my other things, such as sleep and blogging and uni. Iam not H&M. I can't provide new arrivals every two weeks. But my products are carefully selected and cannot be bought everywhere. So you still might appreciate them and support me. Gotta sleep now. Uni in 6 hours. I havn't been up this late in a very long time. Gotta settle with my thoughts now. Good night.