Beijing and Shanghai in VSCO



Ok so here it comes. At last. My blogentry about my time in China. Beijing and Shanghai to be specific. I brought a DSLR but was too lazy to carry it around and ended up leaving it in my suitcase all the time. Thus all pictures were taken with my iPad and Samsung Galaxy S3. And i hate S3 photos, so i cant even be bothered to transfer them to my computer, edit and upload them. 

Im going to tell you some things about my time in China. Beijing didnt flash me at all. I find the city boring and the people not very friendly. My friends and me were surprised when someone was nice to us. People were generally distanced, rude or just ignorant. People dont seem to smile or shower. I wanted to puke several times when i was standing in the underground train. I have never experienced such a smell, neither have my friends. My chinese friend who had been to Shanghai said that she thought that Shanghai was bad, but that the smell in the Beijing metro is even more shocking. What can i say about Beijing. Hang around the Nanluogu Lane and Gulou area, its not bad. But not that cool either. Sanlitun is alright as well. If you have never been to Asia before, those might amaze you. If you have been to other major cities, like me, Beijing is just... boring. From shopping to nightlife. Peking duck is really good though. I would recommend a restaurant called Da An. So fucking good, So good i wanted to die in fact. Really good, believe me. 

Shanghai. Shanghai was much better. A very metropolitan city, great nightlife szene. Shopping wasnt very exciting. Go to Qipu Road for wholesale shopping, which isnt exactly wholesale shopping. Because if the quality is good the prices tend to be as high as in Europe. Or even higher. There is a Plaza focusing on Korean clothes. Better quality, higher prices. I didnt get to buy much. Maybe we went to the wrong plazes. I dont know. I was sick for three days, which sucked. We didnt have time to check out much of the French Concession or other sights because we tended to stay up late and thus wake up late. What really bothered me in Beijing and Shanghai are the opening times. Very very western. Or worse. Shops close from 6pm to 8pm. Depends. We had a friend there who took us to several clubs and bars. There was one bar which was fucking awsome. But i forgot its name. The music was so good. 

Facit. If you go to Beijing or Shanghai, make sure you have friends there. Otherwise its really bothersome to get around and to find good food. Or do your research really really really well. Because you dont find exciting things at every and each corner like in Taipei or Hong Kong. I wouldnt return to Beijing. Ok maybe for the duck. And if it was a sponsored trip. But not just like that. I could imagine myself living in Shanghai if i had more friends there. But id still prefer Hong Kong, Singapore or Saigon. 

Whoelse has been to those cities ? How did you like them ?