And suddenly.

I have become an entirely new person. Two years ago i partied seven days a week. I drank every night. Always came home not so sober and overly depressed. I didnt have a perspective. I didnt know where to go, what i wanted or who i wanted. Then i met new people. Adult people. Classy women who love the arts and dont feel too old to get excited about the most little things, and who have never given up on dreaming. They accept their life while creating it at the same time. And i started realizing where i wanted to head to. I could stay the wasted girl i was with depressions and no perspective, or i could try to become the woman i have always wanted to be. Classy, ambitious and creative. I started working on my goals, thought about what i want to achieve in life a lot, and eventually walked towards the path iam on now. And while i sometimes miss the carefree old times when, who iam dating was the biggest question, i couldnt be more proud of the person iam now. Ok i get wasted after three shots, which i have every two or three weeks, and not many people greet me, when i go out clubbing, anymore but thats Ok. I rather spend my nights thinking about how to shape my future now, rather than just spend another 100€ a weekend on tears and sometimes embarassment. I have come to like myself much better now. Because i do less of the things i hated myself for. If that aint something : )

And yes, i know i suck at comma placement. I remember one time, when my history teacher, who happened to be a German teacher as well, had to place 67 additional commas to my exam essays lol.