Its so fuckin official now ! Got my visa for China this morning. Iam so going to Peking and Shanghai man. And one of the coolest things about it is, first of all i will not be going by myself, cos suddenly not only two but three and more friends will be in Beijing and Shanghai during the time, that i will be there. Whats even better, they are chinese ! So they speak mandarin. And they are all my seniors (among them my boss and his friends whom i have been knowing for more than four years), so i might get dinner for free ! Maybe : ) To them im still a child. Hehe. Im off on Saturday with my friend Madox (the guy with the many tattoos) and im sure itll be awesome. Its just ten days but iam expecting awsome ten days. Food food foooood, so much food that i want to eat. You see, im not much of a shopper lol. I just want to eat a lot and take pictures and walk around. Iam gonna buy a brand new camera for this occasion. And a new Ultrabook as well. So i can take pictures and blog and keep you guys updated ! It feels like so long ago since i have felt such excitement. Last time was exactly one year ago when i was off to Taipei and Hong Kong and then spent three months in Saigon. It was such a great experience. I love travelling. I do. And since i have many chinese friends i have a bit of knowledge about the culture and food and i cant wait to explore it myself !