Got wasted last night and twisted my ankle. Again. Stepped down a single step, wore comfortable Vans shoes, and yet i managed to fall. I noticed that i cant drink big amounts of alcohol anymore. And that i dont drink much anymore in general. And that my English has become really bad.

Life is busy, still. Not stressful but exhausting. Work is tiring me out. My boyfriend made me realize that iam actually not lazy. Otherwise i wouldnt work so much (12 days in a row with four double shifts ftw). Im just a real bad procrastinator when it comes to everything not work lol. Im going to China next week. Iam so excited for all the food and shit. SO excited.

If i sum up the amount of money i have earned in the past two to three months its more than 6thousand Euro. Three are invested in my china trip, more than one one invested in my online shop (www.floralpunk.bigcartel.com), and the rest i spent on shopping, going to Berlin and stuff like chewing gum and cigarettes. Not bad right ? Considering that i usually work four days a week. Thats the gastronomy life kids. Its not a path i want to stay on though. I want to make more money. Dream big, work hard. I have become better at working hard and being ambitious : ) and ive grown more confident. Gotta believe in myself in order to make it man.