still the best midnight snack in my opinion hehe.

hangover cure ! 

moms pregnancy craving.

where i practice longboarding ?

coolest !

beer and karaoke with my boss and best girl always leads to a lot of fun !

always lingering out at night.

best thing i ever made i guess. iam still proud of it haha.

after another restless night.

zara home coming to MUC !

chris takin

love this place ! i guess its been around for a bit now but i never got to go ! so in love !


scented candles. i need em.

bought a printer. its pretty good and pretty cheap.

after work on a wed.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
midnight snacks.

one of my favourite stories of all times !

Hey kids whats up ? Man; its already been almost two weeks since i did that eye make-up tutorial and and my last blogentry ! Time passes so fast i cant believe it. Iam super busy recently because i work so much to gain a little money and to invest it into other things. I feel so burdened and stressed these days that i cant sleep very well. I dont get to sleep until iam about to pass out from exhaustion. On some days i dont even sleep at all and just go to work and do all the other things i have to do. What i occupy myself with right now is a paper work ! I need to apply for all kind of things before i start uni next month ! Sick, its october already, so so soon. Iam not in a writing mood as iam too tired. Only had one and a half hours of sleep last night because i was woken up by a goddamn phone call and couldnt get back to sleep afterwards. Ahhhh.... My skin even started to break out. Its horrible right now.

Blackberry pictures btw. Iam so very convinced to buy a decent camera as soon as i get the opportunity to ! Fuck iphone, i just need a good camera, thats fine enough, even though living without instagram is a bit sad haha. I really enjoyed instagram. Ok, need to take a nap real quick now or i will die !