eye make-up tutorial.

Here we go ! My daily eye make-up routine and how i do my eyeliner ! People often ask me how i do my eyeliner so nicely and the answer is : practice ! I have been doing eyeliner for seven years now (yes i started when i was 13), so it was about time i get it done easily.

Its basically five steps, but if i need to be quick i leave out the first two steps.

1 // Apply concealer ! ( I use BB cream from Kate because i dont have concealer )

2 // Apply eyeshadow ! ( I dont always do it, its not really necessary, but it does make your eyes look less dull ! And dont go for extreme colours unless you want an extreme effect... )

3 + 4 // Curl lashes and apply mascara ! Mine is Cyber Colours - Megacurl Mascara. Its really good ! And i tend to use a lot of it so my lashes will become really longggggg.

5 // Most imoportant step ! Eyeliner ! I use gel eyeliner and brush from Bobbi Brown because i got them for free. I know better eyeliners though. So.. to get my effect, just do it exactly like i do haha. Its hard to explain and i know everyone has different eyeshapes but maybe the way i do it applies to you as well ?
Draw a slightly curved line from the outer corner of your eyes upward. Then, very important, from that point, draw a straight line to the inner corner of your eyes. Those are your contours. All you need to do now is paint everything within these two lines black. Doneeee ! Really easy, no ?

I admit, its not really a tutorial and the quality of the video is really bad as well but what can i do *sigh. I hope i can get a new camera soon. I want the Fuji x100 so badly !!! Lol and that video preview picture there is so ugly.