An irrelevant post about what i did today. I dyed my hair ! Dark brown but it looks kind of black. Or like a very very very dark brown. I have very long hair and a lot, too, right now and i was surprised two packages of hair dye were enough. Lucky me, because i bought two packages only. I usually dont use Garnier but japanese hair dye, but since iam trying to save money right now i bought these for less than four Euro because they were on sale. Served its purpose, my hair are dark now and i will try to keep them like that for a while now. My hair is so unhealthy and dead : ( Does anyone know some real good hair treatment oil or something ?

And because i wanted to know what i look like with dark hair and make-up on, i thought i might as well finally do an eye make-up tutorial video, which i have been promising to make for a very long time. Editing videos always takes so long, even though i enjoy doing it. But still, it takes so long.

My English has gotten really really bad, simply because i havnt spoken much English for a very long time. When i was in Vietnam i tried to improve my Vietnamese by speaking it a lot, so i would talk to most of my friends in Vietnamese rather than English, and here in Germany i have no opportunities to speak English anyway so now when i have to speak English it feels really forced and weird.

Upload of my tutorial video failed. Awsome. Nvm, im gonna watch "Rich Man, Poor Woman" episode seven now. Btw i have been taking pictures with my very very old Sony H-10 recently, which i got when i was 13. Imagine that. That camera is freaking 7 years old, thus the quality of the pictures is not as good as i wish it was, but its better than no camera at all.