cheapo travel guide

Ok kids, i decided to make an entry about low-budget travelling based on my experiences. Of course there are billion other ways to book and plan your trips but this is how i usually do it. I delayed this planned post for a very long time because every time i make an announced and planned post i have pretty high expectations for myself and dont want to disappoint myself or any of my readers lol. Here we go.

Flights and other ways to travel

What i usually do first when i have only one destination and no fixed dates ? I type city of start and destination into google, and thats all. For this part you should consider that iam from Germany and the way i look for flights might not apply to other countries. Anyway, is usually among the first few links :

Ok after being directed to their website without doing anything, like chosing dates and number of passengers, you have this chart for one-way flights showing days with high and low prices. Go through it. Have a date with especially cheap price ? Good ! Now chose your date of departure and return with that date ! If the one-way ticket is especially cheap that day, doesnt it make sense that plus return will be cheaper in total as well ? I dont know if this is actually proved or anything but in my cases it has always been that way. This is how i search my flights. Easy shit right ? Again, of course there are other and possibly cheapers ways but i always do it this way. If you have any other suggestion lemme know !

In general one-way flights are always super expensive compared to return flights. Dont ask me why. If you have more than one destination you want to visit, dont book your tickets seperately ! It will cost a lot more ! Its present on every flight search engine website but  most people dont really notice it. There is this option called open jaw flights (Gabelflug in German) ! It will safe you SO much money i swear ! Flug idealo has it but i usually use Opodo to look for my open jaw flights.

If you look for a lot of flights you can as well use swoodoo though ! They offer up to six flights which is a lot, really. Let me give you an example. As you know i went to Taipei, Hongkong and then Saigon just recently. The flight ticket to Saigon only would have been 800something Euro. I was like, wtf, paying so much money just for one flight ! I was aware of the open jaw flights before already so i picked Taipei and Hong Kong as other destinations i would like to pass by on my way to Vietnam, because they are kinda on the way and i dont need a visa for either. My flight from Frankfurt to Taipei, Taipei to HongKong and from Saigon back to Frankfurt was 845 Euro. Can you believe that ?! I paid even less than for a return flight from Munich to Saigon. And i picked Frankfurt on purpose because i got to know that it offers direct flights to Taipei, and Hong Kong as well, and i picked Taipei because it was cheaper. In total for all my flight tickets i paid 1100 Euro because stupid me didnt realize swoodoo offers up to six flights and i booked via opodo which offers only three flights, so i had to book HongKong to Saigon seperately. But still worth it ! Four flights, three destinations for good money ! So if you have fixed dates and destinations, consider this option, its so useful.

As for other ways to travel, especially if you are in Europe, consider the fucking Bus ! Eurolines ! I always go to Paris by bus even if it takes 12 hours. Why ? Because its only 100 bucks and with the rest of the money i save for not booking a flight i can usually pay my accomondation as well. They have so many destinations, i really want to hit up Italy when iam back in Munich !

I have to admit, flights from Munich are quite pricey. London is ok though. Book early, always better ! Last minute is bullshit. Oh and if you are very eager, sign up for newsletters of the airlines ! They send you mails when they offer special promotions and shit. Iam suscribed to all kind of airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways, Qatar.... lol. Always on the hunt for a bargain ! It sure takes a bit of research work and a lot of consideration to find cheap flights but its sure worth the work ! You can save heaps of money !


The cheapest way is, of course, still staying with friends and family for free ! Most people still go for these options though : Hotel or Hostel. Iam a low-budget traveller so i usually rather go for hostel, but always make sure to book one with good ratings and that is supposed to be clean ! Havnt booked a hostel in a while though tbh. Why ? Because i discovered airbnb last year ! It is such an awsome community for people offering and looking for places to stay

I cannot express enough love for this website ! Go through it, type in whatever city and date, you will find a nice appartment or room to rent for sure ! And its cheap ! And it gets cheaper the more people you travel with !!! Unlike at hotels you just pay per night, not per person per night, so the more people you are, the cheaper it will be cos you can divide the end price ! I have used airbnb four times so far, once with my best friend in Paris, which was suchhhh a bargain for a fucking beautiful appartment, 50 Euro each of us for two nights, come onnnn, cant beat ! See here ! And then in for Berlin once, with five other friends, see pictures here. Both appartments were SO nice and so cheap ! Compared to what you get at hostels its so much better and so worth the money. Id rather not get breakfast and have the appartment cleaned every day like in a hotel but get good quality and price instead ! Consider it, really ! Especially in big cities like Paris, London or New York it totally pays off because the hotels there are so expensive ! I love airbnb man ! 

There are of course also other websites offering this kind of service like but i think airbnb is better because there are a lot more people offering places to stay and due to that fact the selection of cheaper accomondations is higher. 

Plan your trip, what to do, what to see, what to eat ?

Nowadays there are billions of websites out there with cityguides and everything. USE IT ! Go through as many websites and blogs with suggestions as possible and filter them ! To make sure you get to see what you are supposed to see when you dont have local friends. I dont like travel guide books because its just too limited for me. I like to do proper research from all kind of websites before i head off to a new place. I knew that in Taipei my main focus was going to be food. What did i do ? Starting off very simple, typing " what to eat in taipei " into google. You have to start somewhere if you dont have any clues and referances right ? And from there you keep digging and digging and digging. Look for food blogs in those cities. Or fashion blogs. Ask random people ! Here is what i did for Taipei ! I first googled, then checked tripadvisor ( i sure like that website, i find it quite helpful since a lot of people use it, rate and make recommondations ! ) and then i focused on looking for food blogs ! And i asked random people on instagram, hey what are some cool spots i have to visit ! Do proper research i swear, just walking around aimlessly is the most stupid thing ever ! Anyone going to Shanghai or Taipei anytime soon ? This blog is nice :

There are also other websites offering cityguides, either local ones or collective ones ! A few suggestions :

Almost every big city has a website with a cityguide as well, and i dont understand why these are often combined with nightlife and nightlife pictures but never mind.

See, even Saigon has one ! Dont rely on such websites only though, as said already, do proper research and dont limit yourself to one single source ! 

I think thats about all i have to say. Walk around a lot, dont be lazy, you might miss out on the real beauty and essence of a city ! Btw anyone any suggestions for me, they are all welcome ! Iam always eager to learn and to save money so i can spend more on food and shopping haha.