Taipei, the last - MOMA

This is my last post on Taipei, will continue with my Hongkong impressions afterwards, which are just waiting to be uploaded since i edited them long time ago already ! During my trip in Taipei i visited the museum of contemporary arts because it looked pretty appealing to me from the outside with this big orange construction at the entrance and a koala on top ! One thing you should know about me, i absolutely love going to the museum ! And i dont really care what kind of museum it is ! Not because i appreciate antic or contemporary art so much, but because the art woks themself inspire me to work harder on my art. Which is based on the theme of "capturing" right now. Photography and writing. Besides i absolutely love taking pictures in museums ! Museum photography. Does that term even exists ? Lol. Anyway, yeah, i had fun in the Taipei Moma, i even saw my friend Fan-Nings work being exhibited there ! Which was a real surprise ! The Taipei Moma is nothing compared to maybe the Tate, Londons museum of modern arts, which is huge, but it offers a sweet collection of, to me, very appealing pieces of art and cool installations ! Worth a visit when ur in Taipei !

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