movie time !

Ok kids, its time to share some movies i have watched recently and found worthy to appear on my blog lol. Iam having an asian phase right now due to my Big Bang fangirlism, so i spend most of my time watching korean and japanese drama/movies instead of international/ American ones. So the movies iam going to recommend are all asian movies. Good ones, i promise ! So worth watching ! I always select the movies i watch randomly, depending on whatever is popular or new on or Here we go:

First one is called "a beautiful life", a chinese movie with my favourite Hong Kong actress Shu Qi !!! I absolutely adore her so this movie was a must-watch for me anyway and it was SO good i swear. I didnt know the male protagonist before but he played his character so well, i eventually fell in love with him a little bit haha. If you want to know what it is about, google it, i cant be bothered to do a summary. Lookin for something that depicts a bit of modern chinese big city society, watch this (Shu Qi sings a song from Wondergirls at karaoke at the beginning lol!!). Lookin for an awsome lovestory, watch this. Looking for great character development, watch this. Looking for a good cry, watch this. All actors were seriously so good, esp Shu Qi !! She has improved so much as actress! I cried so badly at the end of this movie thats how much these actors convinced me. They made me feel their characters pain ! Some thoughts i wrote down after i watched this movie :

“Chasing what we cant have, ignoring what is good for us.
Running past what we want after something we dont need.
Lucky you are, if your path leads you back, and what you wanted and what is good for you, remained unmoved willing to accept you, nontheless.”
Watch it on HERE !

Penny Pinchers, the second movie i would like to introduce. Its funny, its sweet, great actors, i enjoyed every single bit of it ! Left me with a few open questions at the end, but no big issues. I enjoyed watching it so much, i wish it was a drama and not just a movie : ( Its a really cool and funny movie with a slightly dramatic and kinda perfect ending. Loved it ! Watch it on HERE ! And dont click that download window, just click the play button !

Last but not leastttttt SUNNY !! AWSOME IS ALL I CAN SAY !!!! One of the best movies about friendship i have ever watched in my life !!!! They switch from the past to the now, and you know, sometimes such kind of movies/drama have really shit cast, like oh the young girl looks so pretty, why is the older actress so ugly lol. Not the case here !!!! Awsome cast !!! They chose so well ! Great actresses, great story, great music, i enjoyed watching it so much, i think im gonna watch it again tonight. First time i saw it was on my flight to Saigon in January. Back then i swore myself i would recommend this movie on my blog, so here we go ! Dramacrazy just added it to their content, watch it HERE ! Its funny, its sad, not really romantic but the aspect of friendship is depicted so well. Friendship is so important, who cares if the romance in this movie is slightly lacking (there is a lovestory involved but i cant appreciate it cos i hate watching shy girls being in love, and the girl in this movie is shy as fuckkkk lol.)

Ok, make sure you check these movies out kids, if you have nothing special to do and need something for entertainment !
Iam currently still watching Shut up ! Flower Boy Band and The Moon that embraces the sun but actually im more of a movie person. I like the story compact but everytime i watch a good movie im sad it has to end : (

Anyone having any recommendations for me ??? Any good movies ? Btw i dont watch movies that are older than two or three years.... Lets say which were filmed before 2009 for now. Simply because... i like movies depicting the current society. Except if its a great lovestory and time and locations etc dont really matter. Ok my English is shit recently, im sorry. My brain is fucked from work. In the meantime... im going to look for another movie i can watch. So if u got a good one, tell meee !