Taipei, the first.

Taipei was a very enriching trip for me. I have never felt that lonely in my whole life, i swear. Even though it was only three days and even though i was out and walking around, surrounded by people all the time i felt so so lonely because i wanted to share all the new impressions with my friends so bad ! I couldnt get a sim card with 3G at the airport because, guess what, iam not twenty lol. Remember, if you go to Taipei and want to buy a sim card, better have someone who is 20 and older in hand.
Taiwanese people also dont speak English very well, at least the ones i have met except for a few. I had chitchats with a few locals but it disnt lead to friendship or anything further than chitchat. I wouldnt offer to show stranger tourists to show them around Munich either lol. So, i didnt make any friends in Taipei except with the head sommelier at a noble restaurant where i left incredible 90€ for one lunch. He was really nice, told me to call him up to have him show me around Taipei next time i come. Dont know if there will be a next time so soon though. Dont get me wrong, Taipei is really cool and a paradise for shoppers and fooders but i dont really see a point for me to go back right now. But yeah if you look for a real shopping paradise, fuck London, fuck Paris, fuck Singapore or Hongkong, Taipei is IT !!! I have never seen so many shopping districts within one city with so many shops and cafes and restaurants packed along the streets and alleys ! Absolutely loved that ! Esp the alleys in Daan district, i could have gotten lost there forever and ever and ever. Just walking around was a sheer pleasure, shops and things to see everywhere. Vivienne Westwood in the middle of small independent shops, Louis Vuitton out of the nothing. As for food, paradiseeeee ! Young taiwanese people have such a gorgeous sense for aesthetics, perfect mix of european vintage and asian cuteness in many ways. I enjoyed a lot of very good machiattos in the infinity number of cafes Taipei has to offer. While you really have to search for a restaurant with food that is presented in a nice way in Munich you would find awsome looking food and snacks almost anywhere in Taipei if you just get away from the main roads and get lost in the alleys. There were also many parts of Taipei that looked very familiar to me, almost like Vietnam which is really not a negative aspect. I loved the shabby looking places with the asian touch contributed by people selling food on the streets or grannies selling vegetables in front of buildings on the floors. I also didnt expect to be confronted with so many scooters on the roads. I did my best checking out the most important areas and eating famous local dishes even though i often couldnt resist those gorgeous looking little restaurants with fusion food in the alleys of Daan district ! Considering that i spent only three days in taipei i ate an adequate number of meals though and saw all tr major sights like 101, the now second tallest building in the world ! Which is actually not that impressive. And if you decide to go up to the platform dony go at late noon !!! Too many chinese tourist groups, dont do that to yourself haha. Taipei was my first encounter with Asia besides super clean and cool Singapore and not-so clean but still cool Vietnam and i was surprised, a bit carried away but not taken aback, like i was by Hongkong. Btw i noticed a lot of Japanese influence in Taipei, whether it comes to food ( specific drinks and rice balls in every 7eleveb) and girls fashion ( girls there do look like they are gyaru-inspired !).
Except for the alleys and little cafes and shops i wasnt that impressed by Taipei, there was still a lot of room for more astonishment. I dont want to offend any taiwanese people in any way, they live in a brilliant modern and yet traditional city, but there was something lacking for me. Plus the water in Taipei tasted really weird. Anyway i do recommend Taipei for a trip and everything but i wouldnt want to live there.

These are the pictures taken by my sony nex 3, there are more iphone impressions to come until i start my HK posts.
My travel blogging photography and style of blogging will never change again i think haha. I cant seperate my string of pictures by adding captions or stuff like that. I dont want the impressions to be disturbed by anything thats also why i dont uspload the pictures to facebook.

Anyway more to come soon, stay tuned !

PS most pictures are from my first day when the weather was rather bad. Iphone pictures will be brighter, promise : )

Ok i wrote this text with my iphone i scammed it i know there are a few mistakes etc but im too lazy to correct them. Its not like anyone cares right.