No lie when i say im super busy recently. Im still working almost every day, double shifts and all that. I dont have time to blog very often but i think the fact that i have nothing to blog about is more the reason than lacking time itself. BUT ! Iam in Asia sooon ! Look forward to a lot of cool and amazing posts and impressions from Taipei and Hong Kong and also stay tuned when i blog about daily life in Saigon, where i will have plenty of time to blog ! (I know i keep repeating myself but whatever lol) Btw i went through my old blog yesterday, and my so called problems havnt changed at all ! My fatso being, constant boredom and lack of ambition. The same shit for 4 years already. Been telling myself that i would change for 4 years. I should give up and just accept me the way iam haha.

I never wear sunglasses (or glasses) but i keep buying them and wearing them for camwhoring lol. On the upper pictures you can see my 1€ backpack from ebay, my miumiu wallet, iphone 4s, moleskin agenda and my muji two-way pen ! Its the best pen ever, i love it !

P.S. Alter ich sollt auf Deutsch schreiben, hab eh fast nur follower aus Deutschland haha.