till i overdose

IAM DYING RIGHT NOW !!! CANT SEE THE BIG FAT SMILE ON MY FACE KIDS BUT IM SO HAPPY ! This so made my day ! I hadnt thought that they would release a new MV right before the album release but this totally made my day. I had a shit day at work but now i feel so inspired to work hard again !!! 

See they work so hard to make people like me happy and i cant even manage to work hard to make myself happy ? What a pathetic person iam !!! 

Again i have worked 3 days in a row, tomorrow is my 4th day, i ran the whole restaurant by myself this evening, made lots of tip but iam so exhausted. I wanted to go home by bus (i usually take the train) but it didnt come so i had to walk home, my phone was out of battery, no music, just me and my thoughts. I was close to depression again, no social life atm, feeling insecure about my future, etc, but these boys put a smile on my face again : ) AHHHH SO HAPPY. FANGIRLISM BIG TIME !