I went to visit my dad the last weekend and made an awsome bargain ! My brother sold me his ipod touch 4 for 20€ haha. One of the main reasons i wanted the ipod was for its camera and all the awsome apps ! Its not as good as the iphone as i can only use it with a wireless connection but it was 20€, come on !  Anyway, i love doing selca and taking pictures in general (gotta love the front camera!), and downloaded instagram for editing. I got to like it during a short time in which i used an iphone, but back then i didnt realize instagram had such a huge community and how many people actually use it ! Iam freaking addicted now, following tons of people out of fashion for first-hand-behind-the-scenes pictures and other random people who simply take nice pictures. I spend so much time on instagram going through all the pictures, liking and commenting. It somehow has become my visual diary, so follow me if you like ! My username is    fubtch    ! Dont ask my why, iam so uncreative when it comes to coming up with names, so i jst used my old regular username lol. You guys have instagram ? Gimme the namesss, ill check you out : D