lucky is my second name.

photo: my mom

Iam really really so lucky to have my parents ! In fact i get what i want, more or less, if i ask them for it. I have never lacked money in my whole life and they raised me pretty well. Iam able and willing to make money, have a clear mind, am independent, am not exactly ugly or short... I appreciate life, education, beauty, music, love and good food. 
My mom is jokes, she wants me to become rich AND famous. But education is always first ! And sleeping is also super important to her, just like not drinking alcohol, smoking and doing other drugs. In fact my mom is a typical asian mom. Just a bit easier, not as strict but very fickle and moody. If shes in a good mood i can do whatever i want and its fine. If shes stressed... Well, not good for me either. I rarely ever take money from her but she gives me big presents from time to time and pays all the things i need in daily life, like LV and Gucci bags a couple times (i never wear them but dont dare selling them...), paying my driving license lessons and tests, everything school related like class trips overseas, she will pay my uni fees.... She doesnt give me cash but pays things for me if i need them.
My dad is rather cool, he would let me smoke and drink but not forgetting his parental duties telling me its not that good and that i should look after myself properly. He enjoys good food just as much as i do and never misses an opportunity to give me advise on life. He tends to give me more cash because he thinks that girls should never be without money since it might make them come up with stupid ideas like selling their bodies. Thats why he gives me money on every opportunity even though i have money. There is no such thing as having enough money in his opinion, you can never have enough of it, he likes to say.

I have no idea how i came up with all that text just now, in fact i just wanted to tell you that i got an iPhone 4s from my mom !!! Actually she got it as a present but she likes using her 3gs so she 'lent' me her 4s ! SO LUCKY ! More instagram, more twitter, more time online now ! Haha, how ridiculous.

Ehm, last but not least... I really love my parents. They are the best !