hello and goodbye.

After 3 years of using Blackberry and being anti-iPhone i finally switched to iPhone as well. It just IS more convenient and useful than Blackberry. I love using the iPhone and i dont really miss my Blackberry at all. I always took Blackberrys side because i thought having a keyboard is so much better but in fact iam perfectly fine with touchscreen. I dont write that much anyway. iPhone 4s camera is amazing beyond words, you have no idea how much in love iam with it, it has front camera as well for my camwhoring sessions and a lot of useful apps. It makes being up-to date and checking things on the go so convenient. The only thing i really really really hate about iPhone : the battery. The battery is so weak. Iam the kind of person who uses her phone constantly. Iam always checking something with my phone, even when i dont have anything to check i find myself sth to read and check. I have to charge every 7 hours, its not even funny. Now iam thinking about getting a protable charger but the battery might become a big problem for me in the future. I even thought about getting the new Blackberry as well already, using two phones but i havnt made up my mind yet. 

I dont have a proper case for my iphone yet but iam very eager to get one ! I dont like holding the bare iPhone in my hand, it feels weird, thats the main reason for me to get a case. And of course i want a nice case ! When it comes to phone customising i have always been a girly girl. I love the bling and cute shit and i wouldnt mind glittering my phone up at all ! But doesnt the case on the left look so absolutely adorable as well ? Its sooooo cuteeeee. Look at those bunny ears, so fluffy and i also like the colour of the case ! I might get it and bling it up ? But it will cost me a lot of time and effort, i could also go for a ready-blinged case like on the right, they sell plenty of it in Vietnam, and not even that expensive. Cant decide : ( Right now im using a really ugly gold case with a big gucci emblem on the back but as i said, its ugly and everytime i hold it in my hands i make sure to hide the emblem lol.

BTW the rabbit case is from here !