Finally finally finally, Big Bangs new song "Blue" was released, along with it a lovely video i have watched at least 100 times since yesterday ! I had no idea what the new song would be like, or what the new album will be like and when i first listened to "Blue" it was nothing like i imagined it to be. A melodic beautiful song. Nothing like the previous songs. Iam so proud of the boys and producers for always being able to take K-pop to the next level. Whatever Big Bang do, its just Big Bang. Original. Anyway, here the vid :

I really like this song, and iam so excited for the album ALIVE which will be released Feb 29th, two days before their concerts in Seoul! I also cant wait for their world tour!!! Whereever they will perform in Europe, i will go ! I will fight for the tickets like a crazy bitch i swear ! The only thing im afraid of right now is them being in Europe when iam not as i will go to Vietnam for an internship end of March. I really hope they tour Asia first, then go to America and THEN finish their tour in Europe. I really HAVE TO SEE THEM ! No matter how expensive the tickets are, i will get them. I JUST HAVE TO !!!!