new ring / earrings - H&M / jumper - AA

Does anyone remember how i said i was not going to buy new clothes until i have lost weight ? Oh well i had a really really hard friday, was so exhausted from work that i couldnt resist but do me some well on saturday !  I went shopping for the first time in weeks ! Stupid me made the mistake to do so on a Saturday during pre-christmas time though ! It was so crowded in town and i was so annoyed. It paif off though, i bought this super nice and comfi jumper from AA, a fucking adorable coat from Mango and the ring and earrings. Im not sure whether i should actually rather post this on toughlookdonthurt but i think the pictures are to low-quality so im just gonna post it here ? Anyway, tuesday is my next free day and i will take outfit pictures with my new coat !