room stories.

Here we go ! Impressions of my room and what it looks like right now. Ever since i got my new bed i have been wanting to rearrange my furniture and i finally did it. My room is about 70% IKEA, my chair was bought second hand, and the only other things not IKEA are my mirror and my closet (which you cant see in the picture cos i hate it and find it ugly). Except for my closet, mirror and bed i bought everything myself. I would have bought the bed myself too but my mom offered me to pay since she was the one who broke my old bed haha. Everything together is less than 300 € i think ! Excluding my closet, which was 300 back then. My both shelves together are a mere 150€ i think. Bed is 100something. Table and chair together maybe 30€. Im so low-budget man. Liking the chair best ! Chair is super lovely and was only 15€ ! And its massive wood ! What a bargain, seriously. Tbh im really not in the mood to write right now. So i think i better stop. For those who want to know what my room kinda looked like before, check out here and here !