the chaser.

Christmas is coming closer in fucking hugeee steps. I havnt bought one single present yet and the only thing that makes me feel that christmas is coming up is the crowded high street when im in town. Too many people on the hunt for christmas presents. Too annoying. What i have been up to ? If i dont go to work i go for drinks. I still spend a lot of money on alcohol at clubs every weekend but i cant complain, i have had some really good times with my mates recently. Work is fun and boring at the same time. I work almost every single day. I lost my phone, which wasnt even mine but my friends, on a night out. My next free day is dec 25th. I work on dec 24th and 26th. And on New Years Eve. All for the money. I will be exhausted as fuck for 2012 but i hope it will be worth it. I hope 2012 will be better to me than 2011 was. A year full of enrichment, disappointment, loss and freedom.