Ok heres a video i made real quick. Its a little thing for my other blog toughlookdonthurt (see sidebar!). If you watch it, make sure that u watch it in HD otherwise youtube will make this already bad video even worse haha. Dont know why vimeo doesnt offer me HD for this video. Anyway which one you like better ? The first one has a different tone cos i edited it with YOUTUBE ! Its a really cool feature, like instagram but for videos ! Should try it everyone, will make you videos look so much more pro haha.

I should definitely improve my video editing skills. Video editing is more fun than photo editing but it takes shitloads of time and nerves and iam a very impatient person so it always takes me forever to edit a video. I know the title of the video is stupid right now, Ill change it when i got time to. Its late and i gotta work tomorrow.

One more day of work and then its LONDON TIME ! Cant fucking wait to meet everyone and celebrate my girl Nhungs 18th birthday on Sat, and go see Gesaffelstein at Fabric on Friday ! YAY ! Will also meet up with Van Anh from Chopstick Panorama ! Yeah ! Dont get to meet blogger often so its pretty cool ye ?