hat - second hand / jacket;coat;whateveritis - Burberry / the white thing - vintage / shoes - Doc Martens

Hey ! Another set of mirror-outfit pictures haha. Yes i have my camera back but i was too lazy to go through the whole picture taking, editing and uploading process with camera shots so i just used my phone again. IM LEAVING FOR LONDON TOMORROW ! And thats my planned outfit ! At first i thought about wearing plain black, but then again i wanted to wear out my cute vintage nightgown (no idea what it is lol) again so i think ill go by the second outfit tomorrow ! I usually dont plan my outfits beforehand, i just put together whatever is available to wear. I rarely ever have days on which i dont know what to wear, except its a reallyyy special occasion. I have a lot of casual and black clothes in my closet so usually everything goes well with anything. Btw see the bag ? Its newww !

bag - Zara

Its so cool, i just HAD TO have it ! its super big and has a nice grip. Furthermore its not heavy at all and you can wear it hoever you want to, either using the shoulder strap the other thingis (no idea what they are called, not even in german so i cant look it up lol). And the leather and quality is reaaaaal nice and so worth the money ! I paid 120€ for it, thats still alright i think. I go clubbing three times thats also 120€ already so i better spend that money on something lasting, It also goes really well with my foxtail. LOVE MUCH !
Whenever i go somewhere i feel the urge to buy something new before i do. Because whenever i travel i feel like my wardrobe aint cool or nice enough, and i want something new and fresh. That is usually achieved by buying one single new piece. Can be whatever, a shirt, pants, earrings, shoes.... One new item in my closet can change everything haha. Just feels nice to have something new. Something new that goes along with new experience and impressions im gonna make away from Munich. : P

The pictures are too low quality to use them for TLDH so i use them for this blog. Anyway, should head to bed now, have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and must not be late for my flight !!! Have a good weekend yo !