toughlookdonthurt x chopstick panorama


IM BACK ! And i was supposed to show more ambition once im back (at least i told myself so) but what happened today ? I skipped chinese class. Now i regret but its too late.

Anyway, here are my impressions from London ! I love how i get to know a different side of London every time i go there because i happen to stay with different people from different backgrounds every time im in London. This time my generous host was the gorgeous Van Anh from chopstick panorama ! Ive been knowing about her ever since she was still on livejournal and doing her drawing stuff (which i actually just remembered haha). As she mentioned in her blogentry already, sometimes you know people online but it doesnt always guarantee a get-along in real life. Luckily she is a really cool and laid-back person and i had an awsome time with her ! Thanks again girl for taking up with me :' ) ! On the first night we went to the o2 academy after we had failed to get into another party, but with a lot of alcohol involved i had an absolute blast there, even though they neither played electro, nor dubsteb ! It was indie ! I think i have become a lover now haha. Oh btw see the plate with food ? She made that for me !!! German Schnitzel with Knödel, was so good ! I love Schnitzel lol.

Why i also appreciate the time i spent with Van Anh a lot is because she showed me a really different side of London, the one of students who dont drink red bull because its too expensive and watch every penny. Well ok, no, of course red bull is not TOO expensive but what i mean is, i finally met people who really cant afford to waste any money. And thats great ! In case i get to study in London i will probably share that fate. Because London IS fucking fucking expensive !

Also finally got to see my girl Nga again, and the actual reason for my flight to London was her sister Nhungs 18th birthday party and i didnt want to miss that special day of hers, no matter what ! I will post pictures of that evening as soon as i get them ! I really had a great great great time, and im so happy about it : )

BTW the powerful influence when you have a famous blogger talking about you : i usually have a hundred clicks a day cos not many people know my blog. It went straight up to 800 after Van Anhs blogentry hahahahaha thats so hilarious i was shocked !