camwhore much once again haha.

I finally got to go to the doctor today and he said my ankel and foot are alright, it might take a few more weeks till the pain goes away though. Relieved much. The pain is so annoying especially when i work.

Due to my injury i couldnt go out properly, so it felt so good to see my friends again today. Im a person who needs people around herself. I hate being alone.

Went to visit my best girl Yi at work and during her break and then went to dinner with Nathalie. Sushi at a restaurant called Green Leaf ! Its soooo good i swear. We know the owner and hes so freaking funny. He kept asking me why i dont have a bf today and now he will try to hook me up with a handsome, tall, korean guy haha. Better be good-looking and tall !! LOL.

BTW im getting my camera back tomorrow, i have a big project coming up ! Look forward hehe : )