excessive drinking behaviour.

some shots from last weekend in london at my girl nhungs birthday x

Remember how i once complained about my negative nocturnal behaviour ? How i go out so much and how it does me no good. Right now all i want to do is to complain about it over again. I went out last night, the first time in Munich and with my best girl for weeks ! I spent over a hundred Euro, had fucking much to drink and in the end stayed inside the club for maybe half an hour approximately alltogether. Breakbot was at Baby! last night and i dont even know whether the set was good or not. I was drunk, drunk, drunk and drunk. I spent so much money, freaking hundred bucks on fucking alcohol that is bad for my body and now i regret and complain about my own stupidity. I cant believe it. I could have bought 10 bottles of Tequila from the money i spent last night. I could have stayed drunk for another week !! But no, i had to get lots of shots at a club instead. 

Iam on really tight terms right now, i need every Euro and every Cent, i cant believe i slipped and crashed so hard last night wasting so much money. The reason why im saving is because i want to buy my mom an iphone for christmas, need to save money for other presents (i hate christmas!!), and above all because i want to do anotehr trip to asia next year around feb/march !!! Thats why i have been working non-stop, on days on which i dont work i dont even want to go out because i might spend money. Working so much has its advantages but also disadvantages. I earn a lot of money, get nice food everyday (i work at a restaurant), and am busy all the time. The disadvantages are that i basically have no time for anything else in my life (friends, time to chill, or to feed my internet addiction) and because i still try to fit in the other stuff i actually dont have time for in my schedule, iam constantly tired. I havnt had a good nights sleep for a week ever since i came back from London. Working is tiring and pretty boring after a while. Anyway, should sleep now, another working day tomorrow !

Btw check out my tumblrrr ! A lot more pictures from daily life on there ! Cheers ! And i will get back to the comments when i have time to AND am in the mood : P (btw i sometimes think i have really amazing readers haha) PLUS how do u like my circle lenses ?? I LOVE THEM. Will give a review when i have time to ! : )